“Oh, Nameless One!
We may rise up from the ashes of Doom!”

‘The Chaotic Art’

Svoid was formed in December 2009 by ‘S’ with the intention to define a link between All and Nothing, which represents the formless End. The debut material, named ‘Ars Kha’ (means ‘Chaotic Art’), was developed in the Fall of 2010, consisting mostly Black Metal-influenced tunes. At this point of time Dániel joined on drums, and with this the first line-up was established. After the recordings, ‘Ars Kha’ was released in April of 2011.

To unleash Svoid as a live, ceremonial act, a live line-up had been also outlined, as György (guitars) and Péter (bass) joined to complete the devotion to emptiness. The first ceremony was performed by these four members on the magical night of Walpurgis in 2011.

 ‘To Never Return’

While ‘Ars Kha’ was on its way, fragments of the first full-length material were composed during that cursed year. Musically, the centre was shifted to the corners of Void, and unbound progression beaten its path through different genres and built up the core, the essence of Svoid.

At the end of 2011 Péter found new ways and Tamás joined the band on guitars. The first full-length, entitled ‘To Never Return’ was recorded in May of 2012 in Abnormal Studio. The album was self-released in February 2013 in a special digipak case, and was distributed by Sun & Moon Records, Ván Records and Sigillvm Tenebrae Records.

‘Hallowed Nights’

The ensemble performed several ceremonies around Hungary, supporting acts like Enslaved, Winterfylleth, Year of the Goat and Denial of God. In Summer 2013, to perform and celebrate the hungry End, the band established an extemporal line-up with guest musicians on wind instruments, blowing reflections of Death deliberately for that eve. Thereafter, Svoid had some personnel changes – Tamás left the group for his own reasons and Gergő joined soon. György left the band in 2014, so with his leaving, the reborn line-up introduced itself on new rituals as a trio – to come close beyond.

‘Devil’s Blood’

Due to the major changes in the line-up and mind the band decided to declare a new aeon by unfolding a new instrumentation. For this purpose a very special cover was put together and recorded in 2015 which contained the track ‘Devil’s Blood‘ from Watain.  The aim with this cover was highlight the depths and lawlessness of the musical abyss of Svoid. The record was released in 111 copies.

During these times while the band was working on the new material, Sun & Moon Records signed Svoid to re-release the debut album ‘To Never Return’, which was finally released worldwide with the sincere support of the label.

‘Storming Voices’

With the features of the new line-up the band entered the studio in 2015 to record the second full-length album titled ‘Storming Voices of Inner Devotion‘, which is out worldwide on 18th April, 2016 by Sun & Moon Records.


Line-up: Dániel, S