Release date: 11th January 2015

1. Devil’s Blood (Watain cover)
2. Nightless Moon Mistress (live)

Additional notes:
The original music and lyrics of track ‘Devil’s Blood’ were written by Watain. The track was recorded at Slowsonic Hall, mixed and mastered at Fantomas Studio.

Nightless Moon Mistress was recorded in Budapest on 5th October 2013.


1. Devil’s Blood (Watain cover)

Ageless, eternal in grace
Behold the snake of temptation!
Eyes gleaming with wisdom,
tongues telling of truths inversed
I have swallowed the hanged man’s semen
with necrophageous delight
and let the Devil enter
with all his might

The Devil’s blood,
the curse of salvation,
the odious essence
of His holy revelation
It floats from the garden of Eden
in malevolent grace
The Devil’s blood,
through the pentagram’s maze

And in unbearable shame, enlighted by your fathomless dark,
I kneel unto thee, father, I am opened!
Let your daggers pierce through and their poisonous grace be unleashed
through these hungering veins
The impurest of blood, the greatest of pains!!!

The Devil’s blood,
the curse of salvation,
the odious essence
of His holy revelation
From the tongues of the serpent
into chalices three,
the Devil’s blood
runneth through me!

This soul prayeth not for victory, but for loss
This body kneeleth not in vain, but in blood
These eyes seeth not nil, but truth
These words are not spoken by me, but through

The Devil’s Blood
Runneth through me!

2. Nightless Moon Mistress (live)

Remove the borders and bounds,
Kneel before the blessed.
Become formless in deformities
And hold me, hold me now.

Curvature may have no end, the mass shall act towards.
Will dew fall on the ground beneath the coldness stilling?

Directed at the blackness, a red path is rising.
Light ray of defenselessness can take me into relief.

Great ones, untouchable stellar pale face of the Moon,
Spiraling into itself on Anti-Cosmic ways of Doom.

I have watched the dew falling on the blackened ground of Void,
I have felt myself crawling on the lower side of the matter.