“Hear the enormous death bell
Opening the gates to the other side”

To Never Return


Release date: 1 February 2013

1. Opus Gnosis
2. Eleven Alpha
3. Queen of Those Below
4. Nightless Moon Mistress
5. Genii Locorum
6. The Pulse
7. Antania
8. Reborn in Flames
9. Chaosathanas
10. Noxulifer
11. Towards the Horned Father


1. Opus Gnosis


2. Eleven Alpha

Sniff within the flames of the Acausal Fire
To cast the shine of the post-cosmic seal,
Deep in the Void, towards the flesh
Along the gates of the assembling Death.

Unleashing the beasts…

Blackened waters rising deep within
Trapped in Nowhere in the shadow of edges.
Awaken and pure, possessed by the bounds,
What will be there beyond the bloodstains?

Unleashing the beasts in it’s time
To rising as an eternal black spell

Evil has revealed in short timescales
Tied down the event horizon
Reverberations into momentums outward
Were rewritten
In a new dawn of Ar.

3. Queen of Those Below

Darkness flows from within the deepest sorrow,
I glance down upon the waters,
The dancing grey skies slowly darken,
Embraced by Death with Fire.

Coldness stills the blackened forests
That leads me places I know not where,
I hold the key to the Void
To reflection at which I stare.

Fulfilled sickening emptiness
Within uncovered fields
Of the mourning voices,
I hear the call for the restless rising…

Black Light is emerging to show the gates
And bless the borders of miscreated shadows.
Through the blackness to the Unknown
I’ve lost myself in this empty lair…

Worship – still aware!
Emptiness – remembrance!
On the horizon – unreal!
No colours were there until…

4. Nightless Moon Mistress

Remove the borders and bounds,
Kneel before the blessed.
Become formless in deformities
And hold me, hold me now.

Curvature may have no end, the mass shall act towards.
Will dew fall on the ground beneath the coldness stilling?

Directed at the blackness, a red path is rising.
Light ray of defenselessness can take me into relief.

Great ones, untouchable stellar pale face of the Moon,
Spiraling into itself on Anti-Cosmic ways of Doom.

I have watched the dew falling on the blackened ground of Void,
I have felt myself crawling on the lower side of the matter.

5. Genii Locorum

Időtlen, sötét éjben
Találtam rá újra;
S én, a legcsöndesebb
Óra menedéke
Őrzöm titkát
A fekete istenségnek.

6. The Pulse

Equal powers emerging
Concealed inside the whole,
Random process of destiny
Towards than even there below.
Dark Mother, rise up the spirits
Of the eternal raging night
With the flames of time and timeless
In the purest blackened light.
Hear the enormous death bell
Opening the gates to the other side
Taste the blood of Kingu,
Savoring the damnation of dark.

Infinite length of fading,
Bounded by the gathered dark shadows
We are hidden now from the edges of night
As the eyes of an unhallowed.

Moving towards the Void
We are obsessed by this pulse.
Entrancing, pass-out phenomenon
Misconcepts our deadly illusion.

It will slide down as it passes
And continue as it recedes,
Equal to Nothing,
Transformation, reverted.

Beholding the pulse – Infernal waving of waters.
Falling into Void – Into unbounded hunger.

Beholding the pulse – Infernal waving of waters.
Falling into the Void – Into unbounded hunger.

7. Antania

To the Death,
You who dwell beyond the light and darkness,
The gates are open to enter,
To set foot into the fullness of all.

I am the power, and I am your Void,
Unification of black spell.
We are standing beyond
The fate of the beginning and the end…

Oh, Nameless One!
We may rise up from the ashes of Doom,
Liberated and deathless,
We arouse you from our churning blood!

Oh, Antania!
We confess ourselves blinded by your wrath,
By euphoric ecstasy
We join into the domain of the hallowed path!

Reflections, your will
Feeds the flames of Him
Beneath the pure emptiness
Of forever burning.

Antania, your pure hatred
Brings the forever fullmoon
In our eternal glare,

Antania, your fingers
Are strangling the weak,
With possession of sorrow,
Serpents yonder.

8. Reborn in Flames

Visions from the depths of the abyss I see
As the glowing darkness floats within me
For it was the flame of dominion and wrath
I have found the only key to the night.

Hatred who serve the firstborn of blackness,
Show me the path to the only relentless,
I am chained with my flesh to the will
Of my father, Malfeitor, burning deep within.

To the fire of the misery
Be humble for all times and open the gates
Yet one with the earth,
This is the night to reborn in flames.

Dark Mother, open the shell of Sithra Ahra
The filthy womb of the malformed ones,
Let me feel the warm of the formless flames
Yet unchained, yet bringing to another place.

I am the core of the evil restless rising
I am who you let into the new era of devouring,
I am the son of Death as soon it comes and enslaves
Mighty Black Dragon rise! Reborn in Flames!

Amam! Shadow-Self! – I fell into Eternal Night,
Into the channel of the sinister Moon!
Quetu! Hallowed night! – I lend your darksome fire
“In nomine Chaos, vocamus te Hekate”

9. Chaosathanas


10. Noxulifer

Above all, beyond the gleaming formless shadows
The sixth form to complete is near, I stand for
To hate and love, embraced by clean blood,
To feel the grace.

Everlasting euphoria – streams of my eternal beauty,
Awakener of forever Black Flames enthroned.
You are here all to fill the baneful spell
With mistress and innermost essence.
Within the ecstasy of war – Hail the lawless becoming,
Shape the inner dark flame and the Rising Beast!
Lord of Eternal Conquest
Call on the seventh star;
I invoke Baal!

11. Towards the Horned Father

Storming sky shows you the flaming sword glowing,
Evoke the Death spell, devour thy flesh.

Casting the hex, suffering yonder,
Death to the inferior.
Horned father, even further
Chaos beyond…

Shapes of Death are emerging, oh, evil spells,
Blackness admists the shadows,
Standing at the edge of uncovered purity
We meet the Chosen Ones in dark and cold.
In the eyes of Death
We saw the dimensions of time
And the wrapping the Earth in Darkness,
In the flames of night our souls were burning
As we’re born in filth in the wombs of denial.

Towards the horned father
The Black Sun has shown the way,
Wiped out the flood of sorrow
I enter an another sphere…