“Hear the enormous death bell
Opening the gates to the other side”

Ars Kha


Release date: 11 April 2011

1. Supreme Evil Glory
2. Death Underneath
3. A Void of Breathless Fall
4. Ars Kha
5. The Emptiness They Find


1. Supreme Evil Glory

I reach the Void of Doom
When Evil eats it from within
Beyond desecration I stand
As the smell of Death is crawling
Darkness is my unholy pride
In the malform of this divine circle
With unpure hands of Evil I hold
The seals of tortured Death bliss

The Fallen One
Thy Dark Master
Ultimate Doom
Darkness reveals
Serpent of chaos
Thou shineth
Floating diversity

Through the dreams of night descending
Shadows appear under
And eyes are glowing by
The great Chaos…

I see myself in them,
night releases
Wind carries the scent of passing
Illuminating thy lord,
goddess of Death
Supreme art of thou,
Evil One
Supreme Evil Glory,
I invoke

The Fallen One
Thy Dark Master
Ultimate Doom
Darkness reveals
Serpent of chaos
Thou shineth
Floating diversity

Supreme Evil Glory

2. Death Underneath

Chimes of leadenbells are calling me,
while drenched by the stench of death,
I’m getting closer to You,
as my blood washes your tears away.
Crystalline tinkling, alluring,
Divides and unites,
As familiar as the hoarfrost,
that Nothingness takes shape from.

That cold touch consecrates me,
and I know its owner awaits,
to show me paths
with frozen fingers.
Putrid recommencement, tormenting,
with its pleasure I shall be thy slave.
Nothing had been there where I come from,
Empty are the corners of dimensions.

All your colours were wrapped into darkness,
you buried destiny into bones
Tiamat, thy thousand faces,
Splendour with suffering entwined.

Over the Leadenbells,
the song of Death draws near,
with them,
forgotten sounds of evil.
Thy crystalline blackness,
it’s the tone of passing, here,

3. A Void of Breathless Fall

From afar
Dressed in flames,
bloodred, she appears.
In a shapeless, dimensionless void,
Nothingness is being soaked with our Blood
In this darkness…
Her edges completely wear away,
vividly vibrating, approaching;
turning back into herself from herself.
Her cold touch, oh, endlessly sweeping.
Leaving an unholy mark in bones and blood.
I can’t see but feel that she has come
and that I would sacrifice my blood.
Having taken a piece of me,
leaves tasteless bones beneath my flesh.

Lifeless, ignoble flesh am I,
only a body for this evil flood.
I’m mounting her taste and blood,
and our glowing desire…

Lifeless, ignoble flesh am I,
where icecold beauty returned,
flesh gains meaning,
it burns and I crave
for having it torn
with new claws apart…

4. Ars Kha

Surrounding euphony brings the all-consuming fire
And the hungry blaze of the eternal Black Light.
Hail the mighty throne at the South of the abyss,
Hail the purifying flame!

Tree of Death shall shape the aeon
Through my satanic Dark will.

Whispering of cold wind sounds the chords of Void,
Through Nothing we are spreaded by the wings of Silence.
Hail the Screaming hush, the harbringer of Doom,
Hail the wings of Death!

Living dusk of Nightside, ye Infernal Blackness,
Reveal thou the opener of the forbidden secrets.
Hail thy Nightside, the third corner of Light,
Hail the spoken wisdom!

Spill the blood, oh Mother Kali,
The bringer of Wrath,
With hatred open the veins, thou madness.
See the eyes, blind shining of Prime Evil,

I call upon the Beast!

Tree of Death shall shape the aeon
Through my satanic Dark will.
Sounds of Silence shall take me far
To the final cleansing…
Chaos… Beyond…

5. The Emptiness They Find

The darkest threads,
flooding as blood
from these formless shapes
Entwined in naked infinity
beyond life
Borders crumble, limitless reigns
As flames destroy these earthly lies…
Within the devouring pits of fires

Broken motions of silence
in vibrating, glowing darkness
time spent within the timeless
a curse of restless desires

Chaos, ripping the flesh apart
of those, tasting the blackest depths
of torn completion
Purest inner divine
…The emptiness they find