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Storming Voices of Inner Devotion


Brothers and sisters, it is time to announce that Svoid is set to release our second full-length album titled ‘Storming Voices of Inner Devotion’ on the 18.04.2016 by Sun & Moon Records. We had the pleasure to produce the album together with Dániel Somogyvári at 1G Studios. The artwork was created again by Péter Sallai (Mortpaintgraphics) and his artistic output is a profound initiation of what we have done on the record.

“It was a long ride from our roots to get here but this sinister path shines so bright. The new album consists of eleven tracks and thousand waves of Doom which reflect our aim of today with strong understanding.

“This time we also had the opportunity to dive deep within our musical abyss which has thousand forms, extending the boundaries with a response of ages that we create order from. ‘Storming Voices of Inner Devotion’ is an ultimate trace of us devoted to All and Nothing, so be there to expect the unexpected.

Svoid With Hearts Towards None


Hereby we announce that Svoid will share the stage with the mighty MGŁA on the 6th February 2016. This eve will be our first appearance on stage in 2016, and there are more to come. As an opening act, this ceremonial night will also show Lepra and Dunkelheit.


Missed the distance, lost the trace
The Lord of Deceit rejoices

Follow us in the night!

Devil’s Blood

Brothers and Sisters,
As whispered about that recently, we come close now. Our sources will be forever embedded in our minds, so this is the time when our devotion shall be appeared and wrapped into the unbound progression what reflects us! This leads to that on 11.01.2015 we’ll release a single with a cover, namely DEVIL’S BLOOD from WATAIN to declare the path we’ve chosen. Together what we see, hear, feel and what we believe in; it begins! Our first single in this new era is coming and out now! The physical release will come soon with a bonus track, limited to 111 copies.

Devil’s Blood:

In the light of a thousand flames,

Tribute to Bathory

Brothers and Sisters,
Hear our call! Svoid will enter the stage on 20th December of 2014 with an exclusive set dedicated to Quorthon and BATHORY. The debut, self-titled album was released thirty years ago, and this anniversary leads us to the valleys of Hades; we will perform complete material and we beckon all your souls!
Hail Quorthon and BATHORY!

Forever wrapped in Darkness,


Sinister Nights

Ave Lucem Ferre!
Recently Svoid built up monuments for the dark gods on the stages of Bratislava and  Münich supporting the Norwegian legend Mayhem. A new T-shirt design was developed especially for those sinister nights and the still available copies can be ordered by a limited amount in sizes S-XXL via
The recent ceremonies were preceded by changes before. The former guitarist György who already took part in the very first ritual was left the band and the dark art of us. His position is fulfilled now by the great Emptiness, therefore Svoid contains three band members from now. The work on the forthcoming second album is done by these three members and by this instrumentation as well. This lineup will enter the stage on 15/06/2014 for the first time for the Hungarian crowd at Showbarlang.
Let come close the storm!

Hungarian Metal Awards ’13


Svoid has been nominated for the 9th Hungarian Metal Awards price in “Best debut album of the Year” and “Cover art of the Year” categories for 2013.
Thank you for your faithful devotion to the End!



We are p1380403_672601036097770_169127418_nleased to announce that S became endorsed by GV guitars (Handcrafted Instruments). “Omega”, the firstborn in our conspiracy was built and unleashed to fulfill our dark art on this sinister path. We appreciate their dedication with true belief and recommend them to our musician brothers and sisters who seek for quality around.