New Album : Neptunian

Posted on 20 Dec 2023

Brothers and Sisters,
It is time to unveil our forthcoming third full-length album, titled "Neptunian”. Scheduled for release on 11 Mar 2024 by Sun & Moon Records, this record represents a profound journey of creation, wounds and despair, spanning many years of a new genesis.
"Neptunian" echoes the infinity of Void, weaving stellar soundscapes from the cosmic abyss, shrouded in the greatest darkness. Hereby we announce the first track from the record, titled "Light Years from Now" is out:
The tracklist for "Neptunian" is as follows:
1. Neptunian Genesis
2. Light Years from Now
3. Samvega - Nekkhamma
4. Twilight Draws Nigh
5. The Shell
6. All Torn Apart
7. In Sacred Magic
8. Clavicula Nox
9. Moonwise Journey
10. Black Hole District
11. Infinity of the Elements
The album artwork is the masterful work of Björn Bauer (Björn Bauer Art).

Svoid was formed in December 2009 and made its full lineup debut in front of an audience in April 2011, following the release of their debut recording. Initially rooted in black metal, their music gradually embraced the sterile, cold pulse of post-punk under the influence of bands like The Chameleons, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and U2. Over the years, Svoid has released several albums, EPs, and singles, while making their anti-cosmic, dark art come alive through solo concerts, festival appearances, and smaller tours alongside bands such as Mayhem, Year of the Goat, Enslaved, and Inquisition. Their third full-length album, "Neptunian" is set to be released in March 2024 by Sun & Moon Records.

Gravel Shores (guitars, vocals), S (bass, main vocals)



02 Dec 2023: Budapest (HU), w/ Shrine of Eligos, Demiurgon, Huronian

20 Jul 2022: Hodmezovasarhely (HU), Lowland Fest

20 Aug 2020: Matra-Sasto (HU), Fekete Zaj Festival

18 May 2019: Budapest (HU), Robot, w/ Ygfan, Boru
17 May 2019: Pécs (HU), Ti-Ti-Tá, w/ Ygfan, Boru

28 Dec 2018: Budapest (HU), w/ She Past Away, Geometric Vision
21 Sep 2018: Budapest (HU), w/ Bornholm, Archaic, Andartar
17 Aug 2018: Matra-Sasto (HU), Fekete Zaj Festival
17 Feb 2018: Budapest (HU), w/ Zizzy Vision, Dark Tears from Space

28 Dec 2017 Budapest (HU), Durer Kert, w/ Arkhe, Dharma, Agregator
18 Nov 2017 Budapest (HU), Durer Kert, w/ Perielion, Ygfan

27 Oct 2016 Budapest (HU), Supersonic, w/ Vulture Industries (NO))
22 Oct 2016 Debrecen (HU), Kaptar Music Club, w/ Perihelion
08 Oct 2016 Satu Mare (RO) Backdoor Pub, w/ Age of Agony
20 Sep 2016 Bucharest (RO), Quantic, w/ Abysmal Grief
19 Sep 2016 Cluj-Napoca (RO), Flying Circus Pub, w/ Abysmal Grief
18 Sep 2016 Budapest (HU), w/ Abysmal Grief
21 Aug 2016 Budapest (HU), w/ Durer Kert, w/ Ghost Bath, Pozvakowski
20 May 2016 Budapest (HU), Showbarlang w/ Perihelion, Ygfan
30 Apr 2016 Budapest (HU), Kvlt, w/ Marduk (SWE), Sear Bliss
06 Feb 2016 Budapest (HU), Durer Kert, w/ Mgla (POL), Dunkelheit, Lepra

13 Nov 2015 Bratislava (SK), Klub U Ocka, w/ Saturnian Mist (FIN)
16 Oct 2015 Debrecen (HU), Kaptar Music Club w/ Perihelion
14 Aug 2015 Szeged (HU), Live Music Club, VII. Inner Awakening Fest

20 Dec 2014 Budapest (HU), Kvlt, BATHORY 30 years tribute
21 Nov 2014 Banska Bistrica (SK), Black Candles of Death
15 Jun 2014 Budapest (HU), Showbarlang w/ Sekhmet, Kraake
27 May 2014 Munich (DE), Strom Club w/ Mayhem (NOR)
26 May 2014 Bratislava (SK), Randal Club w/ Mayhem (NOR)
21 Feb 2014 Budapest (HU), Blue Hell w/ Inquisition (USA)

21 Nov 2013 Budapest (HU), Blue Hell w/ Year of the Goat (SWE)
01 Nov 2013 Miskolc (HU), Corner Stage w/ Neokhrome
05 Oct 2013 Budapest (HU), Showbarlang w/ Necroratory, Surt
21 Sep 2013 Debrecen (HU), IV. BlacKromeFest w/ Karst, Neokhrome
23 Aug 2013 Szeged (HU), V. Inner Awakening Fest
29 Mar 2013 Budapest (HU), Durer Kert w/ Enslaved (NOR), Winterfylleth (ENG)
23 Feb 2013 Budapest (HU), Blue Hell w/ Bornholm

21 Dec 2012 Miskolc (HU), Vorosmarty MH w/ Karst, Ken
02 Jun 2012 Budapest (HU), Blue Hell w/ Denial of God (DNK), Age of Agony
14 Apr 2012 Komarno (SK), Club 25 w/ Unholy Blasphemies, Ignominious

30 Apr 2011 Budapest (HU), Blue Hell w/ Bornholm, Scivias

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